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Learn to thrive in Dungannon, Coleraine and Enniskillen: overcome Phobias, Depression, Emetophobia, Stress and Anxiety with The Thrive Programme®

My name is Niall and I am a licensed Thrive Programme® Consultant in Northern Ireland. My offices are based in Dungannon, Coleraine and Enniskillen. The Thrive Programme® is an evidence-based psychological training programme that teaches people the tools, skills and resources needed to take control of their thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours.

Learning to understand your mind enables a person to thrive in life. It’s very difficult to take control of your mind if you don’t understand it!

The Thrive Programme® is particularly effective in dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, emetophobia (fear of being sick), eating disorders, phobias, low self confidence, addictions and weight issues. One of the main questions I get asked is; “Niall, why and how do people get such brilliant results from going through The Thrive Programme®? What’s the magic secret?”

Of course there is no ‘magic’ secret; however, there are perfectly predictable reasons why Thrive is very successful. Firstly, it’s really important that anybody suffering from the issues mentioned above, understand why these issues are present. Many therapies and treatments focus on the symptom and often believe the presenting issues are caused by events / experiences outside of the suffers’ control e.g. past, genetics, chemical imbalances etc. These things do have an influence but not directly – they are not the driving forces behind the symptoms.

Generally, this renders a person powerless in their bid to overcome the symptoms as they are not deemed to be within their control, which encourages the sense that the symptoms are happening ‘to’ them. Consequently, a lot of the focus is coping of managing with it (which is understandable). There is lots of research that suggests that people’s poor mental health symptoms are caused by belief systems, thinking styles, attitudes, habitual thinking and their mindset. Therefore, the focus needs to be on these psychological components.

For example, it’s really difficult to overcome anxiety and depression if your self-esteem is still low. Or it’s really difficult to stop panic attacks if your mindset is really unhelpful. Most mental health symptoms are the result of poor psychological functioning. The focus needs to be on building resilience, a sense of control, a powerful attitude, self esteem, coping skills and a helpful mindset.

When we build these areas only then can people really take control of their thinking and live the life they want. When people are just taught coping mechanisms they are, essentially, waiting until they’re depressed, about to have a panic attack, stressed or anxious and then thinking about doing something about it (fire-fighting) – learning to live with it rather than overcome it – basically a ticking time bomb. Its easy to see why it feels like it’s happening ‘to’ people (randomly or triggered).

The Thrive Programme® is not like any other therapy or treatment you will have experienced before. The techniques, exercise and insights within the programme are the result to the most up-to-date modern research world-wide. The programme was created by a mental health consultant and a team of researches at Cambridge University. We are currently in schools, businesses, organisations and hospitals – to great effect.

Learn to thrive in Dungannon, Coleraine or Enniskillen – without medication or therapy – with the REVOLUTIONARY Thrive Programme®. Take control of your life in just six weeks…  Find out more…

What is Thriving?

To thrive is to feel completely alive, powerful and in control of your life.
When you are thriving, you are able to manage your thinking and beliefs to the point that you don’t suffer stress, anxiety or other problems. Why settle for ‘average’?



The Thrive Programme® is a life-changing evidence-based training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!


Some of the symptoms overcome everyday with The Thrive Programme® include:

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